Round Table Arrives!

MF Round Table Record Player

Round Table is Musical ENCHANTMENT!

No matter what your music choice the Musical Fidelity Merlin system will leave you spellbound with sensational sound. Included in that is Musical Fidelity’s Roundtable record player, which is crafted from the finest materials and delivers a thrilling sound from your vinyl – be it a golden oldie or a modern masterpiece.

Musical Fidelity has a long heritage of designing exceptional turntables and the Round Table is no exception: Produced to Musical Fidelity’s bespoke specification, the new turntable also includes a unique feature. Much effort has be made to ensure that, for the first time, all of the decks components have been designed and placed to guarantee that the product is perfectly, statically balanced and that its centre of gravity is at the pivot point of the main bearing.

The Roundtable also features a polished high carbon tool steel bearing – for an exceptional long life and friction free performance – an extremely inert chassis and suspension system, and a very high quality pick up arm usually only used on a very small selection of elite products.

Mf Round Table Record Player Black

Round Table is perfectly, statically balanced.

The platter has high mass and low resonance. The plinth is made from similar bulky low resonance material. The feet are also part of the isolation system resulting in the Roundtable offering a stable low resonance platform for vinyl record playing.

The Round Table has another unique feature. The main platter bearing is the centre of a turntable’s universe, it’s the point around which everything rotates and everything focused. The Round Table is physically balanced around this point. The central balancing feature is, we think, unique.

What Musical Fidelity have done is to put a very high quality pickup arm with a well regarded cartridge which matches the arm’s characteristics exceptionally well. The turntable system itself has excellent isolation properties, low resonance, high stability and consistency. It is, put simply, sublime.

Round Table is in our showrooms early in March and is a ludicrously low $1,299 for a piece of audio nirvana – so come on down and see.

MF Round Table Black

The motor, belt and main platter bearing are all selected for complementary characteristics.

Available in Red or Black, full specifications are available on the Musical Fidelity Website.

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