Boswell Residence

“When I first got talking with the team I explained my vision and how far we needed to go into the quality of sound. Also many conversations where had around our minimalist needs and trying to integrate the technology into the house but keep it as simple as possible and out of sight. The team had a real logical approach to working to a budget yet giving us all that we needed. Their friendly, social and knowledgeable approach made the whole experience enjoyable as if we where a team all trying to achieve a great result. Which we did, it creates such a lovely environment and having a true cinema experience in your own home is something that can’t be appreciated until sit down and enjoy the moment” Sam Boswell

Its great when you get a client who appreciates having a seamless look to their new home.  The key criteria was that their music and movies must be good quality and be able to fill the homes living and entertaining spaces inside and out. And what everyone expects in today’s modern world is that it should be simple to control and reliable for years to come. Sam and Virginia’s home offers all of what they required whist not compromising the interior design.

This home has a five zone audio system which compromises of one 5.1 home theatre zone and four stereo zones. Music can be shared across all zones with simple volume control of each individual zone or an all up or all down solution. The system also offers two video zones which can share the same video sources and be sent to any audio zone required. With Apple TV and Netflix along with other streaming options this is great system to enjoy watching the latest move or music with ease via the Control4 remote or using the Control4 app via their smartphones. This system also includes a full HD security camera system which can be viewed remotely or via any one of the TVs in the house, again all via the Control4 system.

As mentioned the Control System used for this design is Control4. The audio Consultant has been using Control4 for well over 10 years. We choose Control4 because we know it so well and it can give our clients an excellent user experience for years to come.

Focal Flax ICW6

With two zones of Focal Flax audio that blends into the homes beautiful interior design.

Focal Flax ICW6 with edge-less grill design bringing speakers into the modern era and allowing them to fit into slick interiors.

A nicely designed home theatre in black sits just off the dinning area.

Seamless TV installation along with its own audio zone and capable of playing Bluyray, Netflix, Apple TV whilst all hidden away in the hub location.

Outdoor entertaining can be made that much more enjoyable with some background music. With an integrated audio system Sam and Virginia will not have to worry about the batteries going flat or the Bluetooth cutting out on their speakers. They can stream over the wireless network from their phones or play audio from their system hub. Systems like these are reliable and will last for years to come.

Ready for guests to arrive and enjoy a beautiful night with a Kiwi BBQ and some of their favourite Kiwi music.

Focal IC706 fit right in without being obtrusive yet sound so good.

You do not have to ruin the look of your home to enjoy a great sound with Focal IC706

Having audio inside and out has never been this simple and easy to use with other system controllers. Control4 solves this problem and enhances the user experience.

Finally with more and more video stores closing down and video streaming quality becoming very good and readily available our clients wanted a home theatre that they could enjoy movies from the comfort of their own home. No more late return fees, time wasted choosing a movie after driving 10-20 minutes to the video store…and then finding out the movie you wanted was already out. We have all been there. Home theatres are more popular then ever and Sam and Virginia just love their theatre design. The audio system in this area can play at very modest levels or seat shaking loud, enjoying a movie in the comfort of their own home is a highlight for them in their first new home build.


Using a full 5.1 Focal Flax system accompanied by a 65 inch TV not only gives this home theatre a high end sound reproduction but it also allows a larger than life sound which any one would be happy to own.