New Zealand Devialet Conference

Andy Kennard of Devialet discussing where Devialet is headed...

Andy Kennard of Devialet discussing where Devialet is headed…

Last Weekend we hosted a Devialet Conference with Andy Kennard of Devialet at our Hamilton Showrooms. Andy is the General Manager of Asia-Pacific for Devialet, and was present in New Zealand to support the local importer, spend time with dealers and key customers, and visit a few of the retail outlets in the upper North Island. The Conference included an evening with Andy for dealers and customers, and a day long workshop for dealers.

Devialet is a radically different Hi-Fi product, and it is going to revolutionise the world of Hi-Fi – it will never be the same, and that transformation begins now. Andy’s presentation of where Devialet is headed, what their philosophy is, and the mind-blowing innovation behind the technical specs of their products was simply inspiring. It was a great opportunity for us, as the dealers who sell the product, to get to understand their philosophy and where they are going…

New Zealand Devialet Workshop

New Zealand Devialet Workshop

Devialet is a truly innovative company – it has completely discarded conventional theory (and engineering) for it’s devices, and instead drawn on innovations and ultra-modern design & technology to build them from the ground up. As an example there are 58 separate patents in the Devialet amplifiers, and we mean 58 patents (not trademarks). Devialet have a further 60 they are in the process of registering – this is probably more than any other Hi-Fi manufacturer has ever registered in their lifetime, and Devialet have only been around for 4 years!

One of the amazing feats Devialet have achieved is to get a Class A amplifier working with a power supply the size of an iPhone, and minimal heat output – they have done this through the use of a Class D (digital) amplifier to supplement the Class A – make no mistake, this is not a Class A/D amplifier, it’s a true Class A that draws on a Class D when it needs extra juice!

Devialet will be announcing SAM (Speaker Active Matching) this week in Munich – there will be custom configuration files available for all Devialet Amplifiers to match them to specific speaker sets (e.g. one of the first being done is the Focal Diablo Utopias) – this will make each speaker model sound even better when connected to a Devialet.

Tim Schuler (right) from Soundhaus of Napier with Andy Kennard of Devialet.

Tim Schuler (right) from Soundhaus by Schuler (in Napier) with Andy Kennard of Devialet.

Devialet is the most awarded Hi-Fi device in history, and they achieved this in just 4 years so we can only imagine what’s next. Andy Kennard presented a galvanising and long-term message from Devialet – they are here to stay, and they are going shake the Hi-Fi world up even more in coming years – it’s quite possible everyone will own a Devialet in the future! If you have not yet been inspired by Devialet – prepare to be…

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