How to eliminate ‘Visible Technology Lines’

How to eliminate ‘Visible Technology Lines’

When you see pictures of stylish modern houses with a single TV floating on the wall, you may have wondered “how do they do that?”. Where is the sky decoder,  Apple TV, and Blu ray player? … not to mention all the cables and remotes!

Clean lines

How to eliminate ‘Visible Technology Lines’


Do they just watch Freeview? At the Audio Consultant, our specialty is getting that look, but keeping your access to all of the media options you enjoy.

The secret is firstly, to hide all the technology and wires out of sight, in a central location we call a ‘hub’. All of your computer network, aerial and satellite signals come here, and then make their way to the TVs and speakers around the home.

Your equipment sits in a rack to keep it tidy and organized.

Hide your equipment

Hide your equipment and keep it tidy and organized

The second part of that look is the addition of a ‘Control System’, which takes command of every bit of kit you use. You then use a single smart remote or mobile app, to simply choose ‘Watch sky’, or ‘Listen to radio’, and the control system sets up everything as needed.


Control41987 (640x479)

Control 4 home controller


The best time to get ‘that look’ is to design the control system in when building or renovating, but it can also be added over the top of your existing system. Give us a call to arrange a visit to discuss your options. 07 847 8436



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