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Home Automation – Sound, Video & Control

Why home automation?…

Modern homes have much different requirements than in the past. Our 20+ years of involvement with wiring the audio and video systems in homes has allowed us see the evolution from VCRs and remote control routing, through to the fully connected smart homes we create today.

Home Automation is firstly the addition of a control system on top of the audio and video systems you use every day. This means that one smart remote, or mobile device app, can control all of the devices in your system, eliminating the need to use 4-5 remotes.

This control system is programmed with how your audio and video devices are connected, and how they are controlled, so you simply need to choose – ‘Listen, Radio’, or ‘Watch Sky’, and the system looks after switching on all the devices and setting to the appropriate inputs.

If your home has several televisions, and a few different areas where you’d like music, then you probably want to be able to share your sound and video sources like sky decoders, between areas.

At this point most systems become almost impossible to use, because of the number of different devices which you would have to remember how to set. With a home automation control system over the top, it all becomes very simple.

 Computer Networks

After the audio and video systems, the next layer of important infrastructure tends to be the computer network, because much of the media in a modern home will be downloaded or streamed, either to TVs and speakers, or directly to mobile devices.

We have a great deal of experience in the design of networks for modern homes, including provision for fibre connections, high speed wireless coverage, switching and network storage, and remote access.

We make sure your home is well set up for whatever is coming next, because it’s probably going to come over a network.

 Security & Surveillance

The modern home also needs to be secure, so we offer our services in security system design and installation, surveillance cameras, and entry control systems for doors and gates. Being able to connect to the system remotely, can also help put your mind at rest.

 Lighting and Beyond….

For a really ‘smart home’, our control systems are able to reach out and connect to your lights, heating and cooling, blinds and windows. This is the kind of capability which means we can program a home to react to what’s happening, and what you’d like it to do.

Hit the ‘Away’ button on your way out of the garage, and have every TV turn off, close the windows, and turn the fire off. Set your home to ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ mode, and have your bathroom tiles and towel rails change to suit the season. Using movement sensors from the security system to control lights in hallways and other areas around the house.

Tell us what you’d like your house to do.

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The Control 4 home automation system will make you feel secure and comfortable in your home with fully integrated entry and security solutions.

We bring it all together: cameras, access control, gates, lights, windows, blinds and heating can be controlled and accessed by anyone in the home, in addition to music, video, and entertainment systems. Systems are surprisingly affordable, and can be installed in existing homes.

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