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Musical FidelityMusical Fidelity are one of the UK’s most respected and successful hi-fi companies. A stalwart of the British audio scene who have withstood the test of time and still continue to be innovative and relevant in constantly evolving industry. Renown for the quality and transparency of their sound, while being full of life and engaging, Musical Fidelity’s systems provide a sublime sound that is very hard to beat. They are an especially excellent companion for Focal speakers, which are similarly transparent and energising.

Musical Fidelity Merlin System Loudspeaker Choices

Musical Fidelity Merlin System Loudspeaker Choices

Musical Fidelity provides a range of high quality products covering the following:

Headphones & Headphone Amplifiers – Musical Fidelity produce several high quality headphones, including their highly regarded EB-33 and EB-50 In-Ear models, their excellent light-weight MF-100, and newly announced audiophile quality MF-200 On-Ear headphones. Read more on our Headphones Page. Musical Fidelity also produce several excellent Headphone Amplifiers, from their compact V90-HPA, to their high quality M1-HPA, and newly announced for 2015 high-end MX-HPA audiophile grade headphone amplifier. A good quality headphone amplifier is also featured in the new Merlin lifestyle system (see below).

Multimedia / Computer Audio – The V90-Amp is ideal for computer use – designed as compact small form factor units to sit alongside a computer (or equally for use as a small stand alone system) the V90-Amp with built in DAC can power a good quality pair of bookshelf or similar speakers providing stunning audio for your computer system, or used as a small stereo system. With integral USB input it can serve as your computer’s sound card – the ultimate computer audio upgrade. Meanwhile the V90-DAC can be used as an excellent value means to integrate your computer audio (or any other digital source) into any existing hi-fi system or as an upgrade to the DAC in an existing system.

Lifestyle Systems – Musical Fidelity’s new Merlin lifestyle system is a new system designed that plays back music brilliantly. It’s designed by the audio experts at Musical Fidelity and is waiting to change the way you listen to music. With speakers available in three colour options (Red, Silver, or Black), and with built in USB and aptX Bluetooth it’s ‘easy as’ to stream your music to, while featuring built in phono stage to input a turntable, and a quality headphone amplifier. Merlin will be available in New Zealand from late-February 2015…

MF Merlin & Roundtable

MF’s new Merlin Lifestyle System & Roundtable Turntable

Phono Stages & Turntables – The V90-LPS is an excellent compact phono stage, while the M1-ViNL is a high quality robust high end phono stage. Phone Stages are also built into several amplifiers such as the M3si and M6si and the new Merlin lifestyle system. For turntables, following on from their M1 turntable, in 2015 Musical Fidelity have released their brand new Roundtable featuring steel tipped bearings housed in zirconium with rubber damping, extremely inert chassis and suspension system, and as the main platter bearing is the centre of a turntable’s universe, the Round Table is physically balanced around this point – a unique feature not present in any other turntable we are aware of.

Musical Fidelity Roundtable Turntable

Musical Fidelity Roundtable Turntable

Music Streaming – Musical Fidelity’s M1-CLiC (a combined pre-amp, DAC, and music streamer with wi-fi) provides a robust simple solution for someone wanting to stream music from a computer or NAS, but control the music selection from their music system and minimise complexity. For more localised solutions the M1-SDAC and new Merlin systems feature built in bluetooth to allow streaming on the fly direct from any mobile device or laptop equipped with bluetooth.

CD Players – Another string to Musical Fidelity’s bow has been their CD-Players & Transports, they are world leaders in high quality CD Transport & Player designs. Starting with the M1-CDT Transport, which provides a high quality CD Transport for connection via Co-Ax, Optical (Toslink), or XLR AES/EBU Balanced Digital to your DAC. The M3sCD is the latest high value CD Player model from Musical Fidelity, as well as featuring a traditional drawer mechanism for better disc handling, it also doubles as a digital hub and can be used as a DAC for other digital sources. The M6sCD is a high-end, stunning performing, CD Player with a 32 bit DAC and 192 kHz upsampling. It’s the big brother of the M3sCD and like the former can double as a DAC for other digital sources.

Amplifiers & DACs – Musical Fidelity is most renown for their amplifiers and DACs – they were the company that first brought Class A amplification to the consumer market (globally) in an affordable manner many years ago – and have continued designing innovative quality products since. Musical Fidelity are a brand that value rock solid performance and quality, over bells and whistles peripherals – providing stunning performing amplifiers and DACs that are the best available in their respective classes.

V-Link 192 is a high quality Asynchronous USB to SPDIF Digital Converter – if you have a USB source for your digital media, but your DAC or Amplifier lacks USB the V-Link 192 can convert the USB signal for you with no loss of quality to a Co-Ax RCA or XLR AES/EBU Balanced Digital signal.

V90 Series features a mini-Integrated Amplifier (with built in DAC – see Computer Audio above) that’s perfect to drive a small bookshelf speaker system or similar, and a separate stand alone DAC ideal for use with nearly any system for managing digital inputs. The V90 range also includes a Headphone Amplifier and a Phono Stage.

Musical Fidelity V90 Amplifier

Musical Fidelity V90 Amplifier

The M1 Series is Musical Fidelity’s high quality modular system – featuring half-sized components so you can build and mix ‘n’ match your system to be exactly what you want it to be. The M1-SDAC and M1-CliC both provide pre-amplifier and DAC functions, while the SDAC features bluetooth for easy streaming from any mobile device, the CLiC includes a full music streamer and wi-fi for more comprehensive streaming solutions, and both support 24bit 192kHz digital formats (see also Music Streaming above). The M1-PWR is a 60w per channel Power Amplifier, that can also be paired up and used as 100w per channel Mono-Blocks! The M1-DAC is a quality robust stand-alone DAC that can be used in a multiple of different ways with many different systems. The M1 Series also features the matching M1-CDT (CD Transport), M1-ViNL (Phono Stage), and M1-HPA (Headphone Amplifier).

M3si Integrated Amplifier is a stunning 85W per channel Integrated Amplifier that is a perfect match for the M3sCD CD Player mentioned above.

The M6 Series features the M6si Integrated Amplifier (220w per channel), the M6500i Integrated Amplifier (500w per channel), M6Pre Preamplifier, and the M6PRX Power Amplifier (260w per channel with unique Choke Regulated Power Supply). The M6 Integrated Amplifiers all feature dual power supply units – meaning they are actually dual-mono block amplifiers rather than conventional integrateds (that rely on a single power transformer to power both channels). Completing the M6 Series is the high end M6DAC and as mentioned in CD Players above the M6sCD CD Player.

M8 Amplifier models feature the M8PRE Preamplifier, M8500S Power Amplifier (500w per channel) and the M8700M Mono-Block Amplifiers (700w each). The M8 series represents Musical Fidelity’s premium series of amplifiers in their standard ranges – and they produce a stunning ‘Cadillac‘ sound!

Nu-Vista 800 integrated Amplifier is the ultimate super integrated amplifier. It provides extraordinary technical and sonic performance at 300w per channel. The Nu-Vista 800 delivers everything that its concepts promise. On the one hand, you have the beauty and warmth of nu-vistor tubes. However, because of their superlative technical performance, there is no colouration or excessive warmth, and with a huge power amp with massive reserves of power and current that has the delicacy and speed of attack (and decay) of a small triode power amp with a transient that is delivered effortlessly with no colouration or limits. This is Musical Fidelity’s elite super-premium amplifier for the music lover who doesn’t want to compromise on anything.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800

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