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Focal Quality

Focal Speakers are the world’s leading high-fidelity & car audio speaker manufacturer, and bring French flair and panache to the world of loud speakers. They are the most transparent, engaging, emotional speakers you will ever hear – when you listen to Focal you hear the music that’s been recorded, not the speakers! When paired with our Devialet or Musical Fidelity amplifiers in particular, you have a truly transparent audio system that will let you hear every nuance, detail and drop of sound from your music recordings while still making you want to jump up and dance!

Focal Design

Focal Electra 1028 Be Mahogany

Focal Electra 1028 Be

Focal’s stunning “W” Cone speaker, as well as their proprietary ‘inverted dome’ Beryllium Tweeter design, are both featured in their Electra & Utopia ranges and generally acknowledged everywhere as the best sounding speakers in the world. More recently they have changed the game with their (again) world stunning “F” Cone speakers (“F” stands for Flax) – made from totally renewable flax fibre (grown in France) – and their ‘inverted dome’ TNF Tweeter (aluminium/magnesium) design, as featured in their Aria range, resulting in these amazing speakers perform way above their perceived class, and proving to be amazing value. In more recent news the “F’ Cone will soon be available in the Dome lifestyle speaker range as well.

Focal Technoligy

Even Focal’s perceived entry level speakers are a cut above the rest – the Chorus range feature high quality polyglass drivers, and inverted dome TNF2 Tweeter (aluminium/magnesium), that will out-perform any comparable value speaker. A not well known fact is that Focal invented the polyglass speaker driver about 35 years – a lack of urgency around patenting the design, in a quaintly French way, resulted in nearly every other speaker manufacturer in the world copying or imitating the design – so the vast bulk of speaker manufacturers in the last 30 plus years owe at least some of the technology they use to Focal!

Focal Dome Speakers

Focal Dome Speakers

Focal may not be as well known in New Zealand & Australia as they should be, but in Europe they are the top speaker manufacturer, and over 2015-2016 they will move from second place to the top manufacturer globally for speakers. Many other brands have actually relied on using Focal’s high quality speaker drivers in the past – but now you can only get these with genuine Focal systems.

Meanwhile many of the world’s top musical artists, DJs, and producers use Focal Professional studio monitors and headphones – because they all believe as we do that Focal simply sound the best.

Focal XS Book Wireless Speakers

Focal XS Book Bluetooth Speakers

Focal provides high quality products covering the following:

Headphones – Focal’s “Spirit” range of headphones are award winning designs, featuring their highly awarded mobile/portable Spirit One, the higher end audiophile Spirit Classic, and the pro-audio Spirit Professional (a design favoured by many top musicians, DJ’s and producers). Read more on our Headphones Page.

Multimedia / Computer Audio – From Focal’s XS Book Wireless Speakers (with built in bluetooth), to their Bird 2.1 Lifestyle Systems, various 5.1 Sub-Satellite and Dome 2.1 & 5.1 speaker combinations there’s something for everyone to upgrade their computer’s sound system! Focal also have a very high quality Bluetooth aptX adapter that can be used to stream bluetooth audio (from a phone, ipad, or laptop for example) into any existing amplifier or system that lacks built-in bluetooth but has standard analogue inputs.

Life Style Systems – Focal’s stunning Bird 2.1 Lifestyle Systems are perfect for that apartment or office, or smaller area where you want the full quality sound of Focal, but lack the space for a full sized system. Featuring stunning French chic design, and with a built-in amplifier and subwoofer, Kleer wireless streaming from a computer (via a USB adapter), and up to 4 conventional inputs (from TV, CD or DVD Player, Computer, etc), and a headphone jack for listening without disturbing anyone it has it all. Other alternatives include the Focal XS Book Wireless Speakers for a more compact speaker solution, or alternately Dome or similar satellite speakers combined with a small Musical Fidelity, Cyrus, or Rotel integrated amplifier (with DAC).

Sound bars – Focal’s Dimension Soundbar is the world leading sound bar for quality and features. In 2014 it was award the top international awards for soundbars. Featuring an optional subwoofer (which doubles as a base to sit your TV’s stand on top of if not wall mounted) it is one of the only true 5.1 channel sound bars around. Read more in our Focal Dimension In The Spotlight news post.

Bookshelf, Stand Mount and Floor Standing Speakers – Focal are, first and foremost, a speaker manufacturer – and are renown for making some of (if not the) best sounding speakers in the world. Starting with their Chorus 700 series bookshelf speakers (705 & 706) through the Aria 900 and Electra 1000 to their top of the range Utopia III EM masterpieces there is a model and size for every person and every budget, including subwoofers, and there is honestly nothing that sounds like them.

On-Wall, In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers – Focal also produce in-wall and in-ceiling versions of their Chorus 700 and Electra 1000 series. For on-wall situations the Bird & Dome speakers are designed for mounting on walls or ceilings.

Sub & Satellite and Surround Sound Speakers – Focal produce several options for sub sat situations – from the high quality handmade Dome 2.1 & 5.1 speaker sets to their Super Bird, Bird, and Little Bird speakers with various subwoofer options.

Studio & Professional Audio – Focal are especially strong in the professional audio area – they produce 4 ranges of high quality studio monitors, from the entry level Alpha series (for th eamateur or part time musician doing his own recording at home), through the CMS range for smaller studios, up to the award winning SM6 and SM9 series which feature Focal’s “W” Cone and inverted dome Beryllium Tweeter and matching subwoofers. They also produce world class professional headphones (Spirit Professional) which you can read more on on our Headphones Page.

Cables – Focal manufacture a range of cost effective cable that includes analogue interconnects and speaker cabling. We now have these cable products available in New Zealand.

Focal Grande Utopia EM in Lamborghini Orange

Focal’s top model Grande Utopia III EM in Lamborghini Orange

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