Focal 816V & 826V Hot Offer

Focal Chorus 826V Top DetailThat’s right, right now we have a great offer on the Focal Chorus 816V and 826V Loudspeakers.

The 816V speakers received a stunning review from Ashley Kramer on Witchdoctor last year and were also rated Excellent and 4 out of 5 Stars by Stereo Magazine in Germany. Find out more on the Focal 816V Product Page. These are available in Ebony (as pictured above) and Natural (a Walnut-like finish).

Focal Chorus 816V Speakers

Focal Chorus 816V

“…These are seriously good speakers, so good in fact that I can’t find anything to complain about. I’d usually grinch on about the fact that they’re wrapped in vinyl, but they look so damn good, are built so well and sound so superb that this seems churlish and petty.

They major on fun, are big on exuberance, even at lower levels and they’ll never be boring – trust me, your feet will tap when these puppies are playing but strangely enough, not everyone will like that much energy.

The 826V have received several awards and stunning reviews which can be accessed on the Focal 826V Product Page. They are available in Ebony.

Both models are 40% off normal retail (the 816V is now sub-$2,000) and only limited numbers are available. Get into one of our showrooms to check them out and pick up a stunning bargain!

Focal Chorus 826V

Focal Chorus 826V

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