Devialet You Stunner!

Devialet 120The stunning, totally game changing, Devialet just keeps on impressing more and more and more. This is truly a revolution in audio, and like Focal’s “W” Sandwich Cone did previously, it’s absolutely rearranging the landscape of home audio! In the last few weeks still more glowing reviews and acknowledgements have been released, the most awarded audio product in the history of the hi-fi industry has received even more accolades!

Jeff Fritz of SoundstageIn Devialet, SAM, and the Changing of the High-End Guard, Jeff Fritz of Sound Stage Ultra, says his article will upset audiophiles who won’t want to believe that something as inexpensive as the Devialet 120 can be this good. I’m kind of upset myself — I didn’t want to believe it. I’ve had Boulders, Halcros, and all sorts of great amps in my home over the years. The best of these brutes have been extremely good, and I’ve had some profoundly satisfying listening sessions with such products but the Devialet 120 produced a quality of sound that I’d never before heard. Nor did I have to strain to hear it! Read More…

And the above article generated this sort of feedback: Devialet is . . . Utterly Disruptive with the reader responding that it was a pleasure reading your response to Devialet’s SAM technology, which sounds utterly disruptive. That’s really, really exciting for consumers, and kind of scary for manufacturers. If (a Devialet 120) can drive the highest-end speakers in that fashion, then much of the high-end audio electronics industry may be near its demise. Read more…

Devialet Open ADHAt The State of Sound’s Devialet 110…: Music in all its Splendor article from April 2014 the Devialet 120 has been described as in that moment, I set foot in another world and glimpsed what matters most: music in all its splendour and glory, and I …stopped for a moment on the sidewalk to ponder what I had just experienced. Two words came to mind to describe the last two hours: truth and beauty. …it was the most splendid audition that I have ever had the chance to experienceRead More… Compare this to the initial impressions in Devialet: the High Price of Being Unique in May 2013, when listening to the original Devialet D-Premier. This huge leap in the emotional connection and engagement the new Devialet’s provide then becomes abundantly apparent.

The State Of Sound LogoIn August The State of Sound took A Voyage into the Heart of French Technological Excellence providing a tour of the Devialet manufacturing & assembly plant in Normandy. Also of periphery interest is an interview with Philippe Teissier du Cros: A Sound Artist in May 2014 who Devialet actively collaborate with over the sound of their designs. Philippe has been in the music industry over 30 years and has engineered over 1,000 albums.

Sound Stage Hi-Fi Recommended Reference ComponentMeanwhile Sound Stage Access’s Hans Wetzel formerly reviewed the Devialet 120 Integrated Amplifier-DAC in July 2014, concluding in part that it is an inspired design marked by deep originality and a thorough understanding of how humans actually interact with modern technology. Devialet’s daring vision is as unorthodox as it is innovative. …it is the single most impressive audio product I’ve ever spent time withRead More… This was followed up in August with Recommended Reference Component: Devialet 120 Integrated Amplifier-DAC where the Devialet 120 was awarded Recommended Reference Component status by the Editors of Sound Stage Hi-Fi Magazine.

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