Considering Home Automation and Integration?

Considering Home Automation and Integration?

So here you are, Considering Home Automation and Integration? Wondering how a multi room home audio and video system can benefit you and your new or existing home.

Or maybe audio and video are just the icing on the cake and you think you may want dimming lights and automated control of your other technology in and around your home?

Considering Home Automation and Integration?

Clean lines and easy to use – Smart homes for smart people

Things such as – 

  • HVAC
  • Sprinklers
  • Pool pump
  • Outdoor coloured lighting
  • Automatic gates
  • Blinds
  • Windows
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Door control

These things can all be controlled from one remote or smart device app, the list goes on and you can get really confused as to what path you should take?


Don’t be confused, let us help

How can we help?

The first thing we can do at The Audio Consultant is sit down with you in a comfortable and friendly environment and find out how you and your family lives in your home and what the benefits of an integrated home automation system are for your family.

From here one of our senior system designers will put together a free proposal and system design overlaid on your plans, this will give you a clear overview of what the project will look like.

We work with our clients to find out what they actually want and how best to get that for for them with out all the technical jargon.

We want the process to be as stress free as possible for you, this is how your new home should be.

Things to Consider

Some things to consider if you are considering Home Automation and Integration are….

  • Do you like movies and love having movie nights at home?
  • Do you love music and want to have a dedicated listening area or music throughout your home for background and entertaining?
  • How many TVs will you have and how many TVs do you want? Always think ahead.
  • Do you want them to share the same sources such as the Bluray or Apple TV or do you want them to be their own independent zones for when you have guests over?
 considering Home Automation and Integration

The Whole Family Can Enjoy The Home

Would you like whole home control?  

This could include the lighting, security and surveillance, the blinds and windows along with all your audio video devices.

The possibility’s of what you can control from one remote or smart device app is truly amazing.



Check out this Control 4 video, Control 4 is The Audio Consultants chosen brand  for Automation and Integration.


Always future proof your investment

Ensuring your home is wired for what ever path you may take in the future is a key. This could save you a lot of time and money and the disappointment of not being able to add control of a device or appliance when you want.

The Audio Consultant has been wiring home and commercial spaces for many years, we always ensure our clients investments stand the test of time.

    • Remember Always Think Ahead
Considering Home Automation and Integration?

Home audio video made easy with The Audio Consultant







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