Big Accolades For Aria 900 Series

Focal Aria 900 Flax ConeThe Focal Aria 900 series have continued to receive stunning reviews since their release in 2013. This range of speakers provide similar characteristics, detail, and emotion of Focal’s world leading premier “W” Cone series, but at outrageous value for money – there just isn’t anything that can beat them for best value in their class! Made from an innovative (and patented) technology that utilises individual actual strands of the flax plant, the Focal 900 “F” (or ‘Flax‘) Cone series aren’t just sonic masterpieces in their class, they are also environmentally sustainable being manufactured from an all natural product. Anyone can own this piece of innovative and stunning French audio design, and by doing so also gain the benefits of Focal’s high-end world leading “W” Cone technology that has been incorporated into the Aria 900 Series design!

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