Merlin: Audio Wizardry

MF Merlin & Round Table in Black

Merlin & Round Table – Modern Audio Perfection!

Music is precious. It can lift your mood, evoke a memory or sooth the soul. Enjoying your most treasured tunes means entrusting your music to a good Hi-Fi system – one that plays back music brilliantly. Merlin is a new system designed to do just that. It’s designed by the audio experts at Musical Fidelity and is waiting to change the way you listen to music. Merlin sounds like Magic!

MF Merlin & Round Table in Red

Merlin & Round Table look and sound stunning in Red!

For over thirty years Musical Fidelity have been at the forefront of Hi-Fi technology. They are known for their phenomenal high-end amplifiers and have received praise from critics across the globe. Merlin delivers Musical Fidelity sound quality in a compact, beautiful, good-looking system that’s a joy to own.

Merlin is a sublime sounding system. It plays music with uncanny realism yet comes in a small, discreet package. It’s designed to fit into your living room, dining room or office yet packs a powerful punch when you want to party!

No matter what your music choice the Merlin system will leave you spellbound with sensational sound. And the Roundtable record player is the perfect complement, crafted from the finest materials and delivering a thrilling sound from your vinyl via your Merlin system.

MF Merlin Speakers Silver

SIlver Merlin Speakers in vertical and horizontal configurations.

The Merlin system features the following inputs:

  • Analogue Input with Phono Stage – to connect a Round Table or similar Turntable, or a CD Player or Cassette Deck.
  • USB – for streaming from your computer.
  • Bluetooth aptX – to allow digital streaming from your Phone, iPad, or Laptop.
  • 3.5mm Jack Digital or Analogue Line In – for connecting digital sources like an Apple Airport Express or TV by Digital Optical (Toslink), or Analogue sources like an older iPod or other devices using a 3.5mm audio cable.

It also features:

  • A very high quality Headphone Amplifier to allow listening via headphones as well as the speakers.
  • A special output that can be connected to your computer to allow you to rip any music Merlin plays to your hard drive (e.g. to MP3)!

The Merlin speakers are available in Red, Black or Silver – and can be adjusted to stand vertically or horizontally.

Musical Fidelity Merlin System Amplifier

The Merlin System has everything you need all in one compact unit!

Merlin 1 is in our showrooms early in March and is stunning at just $1,799 for the system (base unit and speakers) – so come on down and see.

You can find full specifications for the Merlin 1 system at the Musical Fidelity Website.

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