Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Our showroom offers an immersive experience so you can get to experience what is truly possible with a high quality system.

At The Audio Consultant we have our showroom set up so we can show you what an automation system functions like in a real situation. We also have our automation and integration systems set up so you can see how these can benefit your home or commercial space.

We would not expect you to buy something that you have know idea on how it performs.

Home Theatre

At our Hamilton showroom we also have a very nice home theatre set up. This is a great way to experience what it is like to have your own home theatre.

Even if you are wanting something more modest or on a larger scale this is a great way to see how our home theatre products can work for you. We can demonstrate several different configurations of audio in here so you can be confident you are making the right decision for your home.

PS: This is a great place for your children to hide out while we show you other aspects of our showroom.

Hifi Sales

Hifi systems, Stereos, Sound systems, how ever you look at it we can deal with it. We love great Hifi and have the right brands to offer. The Audio Consultant has spent many years with various other brands and have found the ones we now use to be the best sounding and the most reliable.

We have and can also source from our network of suppliers some excellent turntables from entry level to high end.

Book an appointment

Our clients often arrange times that suit them to listen to certain systems or to get a demonstration on how a home automation and integration system works.

This allows you to spend the right amount of time with a system so you can be sure it is right for you. It is also a great way to relax and get all the information needed for your home automation or hifi systems design.

Please feel free to arrange a time that suits you and we will make sure we can accommodate.

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