Assistance Projects

Assistance Projects


Here at The Audio Consultant we look after several Assistance projects, these range from basic one touch remote systems for audio and video to whole home systems that give assistance to the elderly and disabled.

With a whole home system the user can control their windows, blinds, Hvac, towel rails, house doors, garage door,¬†TV and Audio system….the list goes on and on and all from a single remote, tablet or voice control unit.

Multi Room Audio Systems

Control your home from one remote and enjoy your time doing the things you love.

A home control system is about helping people gain their independence and allowing them to enjoy their homes without being constrained to the homes limits.

Some things that may seem simple to some are difficult for others, we design our systems around the user to ensure they can still do the things they want but make sure those harder tasks are more manageable.


Easy to use large font apps or voice control.


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